Oaxaca Cuisine

Grass Fed, no hormones, no antibiotics, beef, chicken or pork 

Our beef, chicken and pork tamales are no joke, we want you to have a meal, not a snack!

Each piece is 12 oz.  

Reheating Instructions


Leave banana leaf & wax paper on

Fill pot with a couple of inches of water

Turn heat on to medium low

Place tamale on steamer insert or metal rack. Cover with lid. 

if frozen, 20-30 minutes. If thawed 10-15 minutes.


Leave banana leaf & wax paper on

Defrost tamale 4-7 minutes

Once is all soft across and no hard spots.

Place tamale in a zip lock bag, pour a 1/4 cup of water or wrap it in wet paper towel

Warm up 1 1/2 to 2 1/2 minutes or until hot

Electric steamer or rice cooker:

Please follow the manufacturer instructions

Thank you for your business!

 100% Handmade ORGANIC corn flour Oaxaca Style tamales 

 Meat Organic Tamales in Colorado Springs